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We are a family owned and operated, full service jewelry store in Oakland County, Michigan that opened in 1979. Our successful 

business has been built upon the philosophy of having knowledgeable staff, selling quality name brand jewelry that is competitively priced, and providing service for what we sell by quality minded on-site jewelers and diamond setters.

All, while never forgetting there is a person behind every sale. This is our promise and commitment to you – our valued online customer.

We have expanded to our second full service store in White Lake, Michigan and have started several micro websites just like this one selling some of our featured products.

Other micro sites that feature items from Waterfall Jewelers include:

RhythmOfLove.Diamonds  – Diamonds powered by her Heart Beat
ILove.Diamonds – A micro-site of ours Coming Soon
DraytonWoods.com – Gifts and Engraved Products


Thomas Brown SR. (Founder)
An Open Letter to our Customers from the Brown Family

Many of you know us from shopping at Waterfall Jewelers’, however, most of our on-line customers have never had the opportunity to visit our store. Since every customer is important to us, we would like to tell you why “family owned and operated” means so much to us.

Before we opened Waterfall Jewelers in 1979, our father, Thomas F. Brown Sr. was a well respected jeweler and manager of the Thomas Jewelry Companies chain of stores, headquartered in downtown Pontiac, Michigan. The Brown family had six kids then when we were age, Dad would let us go to work with him over summer vacations and during the holidays.  At first, the attraction of going with Dad was the opportunity to take a break and visit all the exciting departments stores and shops of bustling downtown Pontiac. As we grew older, we eagerly joined our father at the store because we loved being with him, learning about the beautiful jewelry and meeting wonderful people.

Our wonderful mother, Betty, also had great influence in shaping our future careers. She had two 18kt. gold bangle bracelets that were handed down to her by her grandmother. When we were infants and were teething, she would put the bracelets in the freezer and let us chew on them to reliever the pain. Dad used to get upset and tell her that we’d ruin the value of those bracelets. Now she looks at those beautiful bracelets and treasures each little tooth mark left by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The moral of this story is we learned balance from both of our parents, the value of beautiful things and the treasure of people and memories.

This unique balance has enabled us to transform a business of selling into a business of people.  Whether it is selling a gold bracelet, designing a new heirloom piece, or selling a diamond to an on-line customer we never forger there is a person behind the sale. Jewelry commemorates the special times in all of our lives…a special birthday, an engagement, the birth of a child, an anniversary.  Jewelry has a unique way of telling someone how much they are loved. Over the past 35 years we have shared so many of these special occasions with our customers and those are the memories, like the tiny teeth marks, that we treasure.

That is why we, the “Brown” children, are still carrying on our father’s tradition of providing affordable quality merchandise that people are proud to give and servicing that special piece of jewelry in our store by quality minded jewelers. That is also why we carry our mother’s tradition of sharing memories of the heart. Together, these traditions have been the cornerstone of our business and promise and commitment to our customers.

The Brown Family

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